How Bunny Rabbits are Misunderstood as Family Pets

You may well already be familiar with the incredible presence a pair of happy and binkying bunny rabbits has in your home, and are fully aware of the importance of taking good care of them, and how much love you will receive in return. 

However, if you are the owner of a couple of rabbits and think they are nothing more than fluffy bundles of fur stuck in a cage all day, or you are looking to introduce a new pet into your family home and want to know more, then you have arrived at the right place.

Continue reading to learn how bunny rabbits are entirely misunderstood as family pets. 

Rabbits’ Teeth Never Stop Growing

Rabbits’ teeth are constantly growing, and because of this, it is imperative to provide enough toys and chewable objects for your rabbits to gnaw on to naturally file their teeth down. 

People who do not understand this tend to berate and scold their bunnies for chewing on items of furniture and other non-rabbit-friendly objects and do not realize that, if they are given enough toys of their own, they will stop being so ‘naughty’. 

Rabbits are Technically Exotic Pets

Even though when you imagine the connotations of the word ‘exotic’, you think of unusual animals with brightly colored feathers or animals on the edge of extinction, technically and certainly to reputable vets, such as katy vet clinic, rabbits are known as exotic pets.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but …

How to Improve Your Pet’s Experience Whilst Travelling

We love our furry, four-legged friends and sometimes it can feel hard leaving them behind when we go on holiday. However, bringing pets along when travelling is becoming more common, with 37% of families saying they have recently been travelling with their fluffy companions. For many pets, travelling away from home can prove an anxious and stressful time. In this blog post, we cover a few ways that you can improve your pet’s experience when travelling.

4 ways to improve your pets experience when travelling

After all the treats are packed and the multi-pet insurance is taken care of, it’s important to consider ways to make travelling easier on your furry friends. It may be the first time your pet is spending a long time in the car or staying in a new location. Below we’ve listed a few simple ways to make the experience better for them overall.

1. Keep them hydrated

Hydration is key when travelling in the summer. Cars can get hot very quickly and it’s vital you keep your pet regularly watered and fed. Make sure to make regular stops to allow them to drink, and also keep windows open for them on hot days to make sure they don’t overheat.

2. Make regular pit stops

If you’re taking a particularly long journey, ensure that you make regular pit stops. Your pet will need to stretch its legs after being in a travel crate for a certain amount of time and will also need time …

7 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Pet

You mustn’t have had the intention to kill your pet. But if you’ve given your pet some of the foods on this list, you have done so much to kill your pet. For instance, from opinions on Collected.Reviews, there are foods that are a common problem to dogs. Especially foods which are high in fats.

There are also toxic foods that could endanger the health of your pet. This is why you must find an online pet food store that offers the best guide to feeding your pet. Of all the food on earth, some are too toxic for your pet. Some of them are:

1.  Xylitol:

This is a sugar based alcohol, although natural, which is considered to be breath mints. However, this can cause liver failure, hypoglycemia, even hepatic necrosis in your dogs and cats. The symptoms this could cause can be rapidly complicated.

2.  Raw Bread Dough:

Your pet can have toxic mechanical issues if he ingests raw bread dough. The bread could cause a bloating stomach. It could lead to severe discomfort in the belly. It can even lead to a distended abdomen, stomach rupture, abdominal pain, etc.

3.  Chocolate Bars:

Don’t think because humans love chocolate, your cat or dog will also love it. When you give your pets chocolate, you could find them having seizures, cardiac abnormalities, vomits, tremors, or restlessness. This is because it is most dangerous, especially dark chocolate, to the health of your pet.

4.  Raisins, Grapes, Sultanas, and

5 Sustainable Ways to Pick Up Dog Poops

One of America’s greatest problems, according to the opinions of pet lovers on, was the problem of dog excrement. This was in 2010.

The problem has been attempted with solutions involving posted signs and regulations imposed on pet owners to clean up their dogs’ excrement with immediacy. But even with the signs and regulations, has the problem been completely solved? The answer is negative. Combating the problem would require more creative methods that are as well sustainable.

Here is a list of 5 creative and sustainable ways we know and have seen. Please note: some of these methods might require you to get products from pet stores online while others might not.

1.  Convert into fuel:

Yes, you heard that right. Your dog poop can be converted into fuel to power streetlights rather than sit idle on a landfill, adding to pollution and global warming. There are pet projects across the United States that transform dog poop into methane. Your only job is to locate them and find how you can help and contribute to the green environment. Many of these projects provide biodegradable bags to dog owners and encourage them to fill them with poop.

2.     DNA testing:

Another sustainable way to hold pet owners accountable for their dogs’ excrement is to conduct DNA testing for dogs. If you are a landlord, this can be done by mandating tenants with dogs to use a pet DNA sampling kit before moving in. If dog poop were …

Selling Animals Online: Is It Illegal?

Animals are different from other living things because of their ability to move, respond to their environment, and their lack of cell walls. It is not strange to see animals, especially domestic animals, amongst humans, either as pets or as livestock.

Selling an animal is an act of exchanging an animal in one’s possession for monetary value. There are laws (with exception) guiding this type of exchange. With the introduction of e-commerce, there are questions about if it is legal to sell an animal online or not.

On UK.Collected.Reviews, users share their experiences with shopping online, as it relates to getting animals – for consumption or as pets.

With more people buying online, there need to be guidelines on what can be sold and what should not be sold online.

Many online shopping platforms like Facebook have special guidelines concerning selling animals online. This helps people know the extent to which they can sell.

The Legality of Selling Animals Online

Whether it is legal or not to sell an animal online is a matter of the existing laws guiding each country and/or shopping platform the seller decides to sell from.

Several Animal Rights Campaigns have had great influences on the types of law guiding sales of animals, especially online. Paying attention to the effects technology has on trade, it is clear how it affects animals, and how they are exchanged for monetary value.

Being the first country to implement animal protection laws, the UK government sees animals as …