Pet Accessories For Your Cat

Pet Accessories For Your Cat
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Pet Accessories For Your Cat

When introducing a new cat or kitten into the family, you will need to make sure your new family member is as comfortable as possible. In the first week it is normal for your cat or kitten to be scared, and your pet will try to retreat to a safe out of the way place. To make their new surroundings more inviting you can buy certain pet accessories for your cat. This will help make the transition into their new surroundings less stressful.

Buying these pet accessories is necessary as well as an important part of your pets development. Denying your cat certain accessories could be devastating to their health, as they might become misbehaved, vicious, or worse you might become frustrated you give them away.

To avoid these scenarios your cat or kitten needs more than just food and water. Cats need love, attention, toys and a comfortable place to rest their head. To ensure your pet is well behaved and happy, please buy these pet accessories before you welcome your furry friend into the home:

Cat Bed

Cats like to feel warm and comfortable. When you give them their own bed they have a comfortable place to retreat to when their feeling sleepy. Their own bed can also prevent them from sleeping on the sofa or in your bed. The added advantage is a cat bed can can reduce the amount of fur on your soft furnishings and possible damage.

Scratching Pad or Post

Buying a scratching pad or post will probably the best investment you will ever make. Cats love to sharpen their nails and they won’t mind using your beautiful couch or antique wall cabinet. To avoid damaged to your home train your cat or kitten to use a scratching pad or post.

Cat Toys

Cats and kittens do get bored! Toys can keep your feline friend entertained and prevent them from stealing things in the home. Toys don’t need to be overly complex or expensive, some simple cat toys like a cardboard box, a piece of long string, toy mouse or a ping pong ball will keep them amused for hours. Just remember to alternate the toys from one week to next.

Pet Carrier

A pet carrier is a safe way to transport your pet from one destination to the next. A lot of pet carriers do with seat belt grooves, where you can thread the seat belt strap to the carrier and lock it firmly in place. This type of pet carrier cage is perfect for taking your pet to the Veterinary clinic, moving house or traveling, with the peace of mind your pet is always safe.

Cat Litter Tray and Poop Scoop

Training your cat or kitten to use a cat litter tray is vitally important if you don’t want them to defecate or urinate throughout your home. Start by putting there litter tray close to where they sleep. Always keep the liter tray in one place as they are creatures of habit.

Use cat litter that has good absorbency and if you prefer with perfume granules. To clean the litter tray use a poop scoop and litter bags. Always their sealed waste into the bin. Remember to top up the cat litter.