Beware – Dogs and Vegetables – A Lethal Combination

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There are dogs and puppies that like to chew on different kinds of vegetables. It may be a way to clean their teeth or they do it just for fun. Be very careful with this attitude, your dog may poison itself and die. People have taken to study home remedies that will help in these situations because their pets have had accidents before or they just want to know what to do when it happens.

For example dogs like to chew on raw, hard vegetables like carrots or broccoli this is fine but eating tomatoes or raw potatoes will cause your dog to shake like a leaf, stomach pains and contractions and a rapid and dangerous heart beat. Corn on the cob would also be adequate for your dog to clean his teeth with and scratch its gums with it. The cob is extremely dangerous and the pieces will stick to his intestines and they will have to be removed surgically.

Vegetables cooked in oil and then salted are also hazardous for your dog. All of you that like to sit and feed your dog fries and potato chip are damaging his digestive system. Dogs do not need the salt and oil we poison ourselves with. Every time you give a piece of pizza to your dog you are endangering his health; mushrooms are poisonous to dogs, they have tomato sauce on them and other vegetables that might hurt him.

I know of a poodle that ate raw onions and had no reaction against them; however onions, chives, leeks and garlic will upset their stomach producing gases, pain and vomiting. The old tale about feeding your dog garlic to keep the fleas away does not really work and you will be hurting him with it.

Everybody enjoys a couple of fresh, juicy grapes or a cup cake filled with raisins. Go ahead enjoy it, but please do not share them with your canine friend. Grapes and raisins will cause convulsions, stomach ache, kidney failure and eventual death to your dog. Even a cookie that has raisins in it may hurt him permanently, so before giving him a piece of yours make sure of the ingredients it was made with. Any way dogs do not eat or need sugar in their diet.

Nuts and seeds are not okay either; walnuts and macadamia nuts will cause muscle tremors, weakness and paralysis. Avocado and other fruit seeds produce cyanide which is lethal to dogs and men too. There is no information on the effects of other nuts and berries but why take the risk of hurting your pet or maybe killing him. I have seen many dogs eat peanut butter but I have never seen them eat peanuts so their effect is also unknown to me.

Dogs will not usually eat any of these things, even when they are rummaging through waste. It is possible though that seeds or pieces of these fruits are attached to pieces of meat that they find in the garbage and that is how they ingested them. Your dog trusts you completely and will eat almost anything you place on your hand for him. They do not think or reason, they are dogs, it is your duty to protect them from danger.

The best solution I have found to this problem is teaching my dog to eat only what is in his plate, nothing else. It has worked so far and I hope it will continue like that.