5 Sustainable Ways to Pick Up Dog Poops

5 Sustainable Ways to Pick Up Dog Poops
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One of America’s greatest problems, according to the opinions of pet lovers on ReviewsBird.com, was the problem of dog excrement. This was in 2010.

The problem has been attempted with solutions involving posted signs and regulations imposed on pet owners to clean up their dogs’ excrement with immediacy. But even with the signs and regulations, has the problem been completely solved? The answer is negative. Combating the problem would require more creative methods that are as well sustainable.

Here is a list of 5 creative and sustainable ways we know and have seen. Please note: some of these methods might require you to get products from pet stores online while others might not.

1.  Convert into fuel:

Yes, you heard that right. Your dog poop can be converted into fuel to power streetlights rather than sit idle on a landfill, adding to pollution and global warming. There are pet projects across the United States that transform dog poop into methane. Your only job is to locate them and find how you can help and contribute to the green environment. Many of these projects provide biodegradable bags to dog owners and encourage them to fill them with poop.

2.     DNA testing:

Another sustainable way to hold pet owners accountable for their dogs’ excrement is to conduct DNA testing for dogs. If you are a landlord, this can be done by mandating tenants with dogs to use a pet DNA sampling kit before moving in. If dog poop were found lying carelessly on the floor, the sample would be sent to the lab that conducted the DNA to check the identity of the dog and so fine the tenant for carelessness.

3.     Back to flush:

You would see a great reduction in dog poop if you try the approach used in Spain. Dog droppings are collected by volunteers in Spain. The volunteers must have learned of the owners and their addresses. The collected poop would then be sent back to the owners to flush in a box labeled “Lost Property”. Although time-consuming, the outcome is worth the efforts.

4.     Poop bags for WIFI:

Another approach to make pet owners pick up dog poop is to reward them for it. Say you reward them with free WIFI for every bag of dog wastes they can gather and deposit. You can use the bags for compost to grow your garden. But first is to collect them from pet owners, and motivation is a way to go about it.

5.     Power pick-up:

Trust humans to come up with new tools for picking up poop. Power pick-up does the pop picking up for you and lets you have them released anywhere at your discretion.


There are new tools and ways to clean your pet’s excrement. Other than just pick up, you can convert the poop to fuel or turn it into compost. Having the feces scattered around is never a good thing. Even now that such negligence attracts a fine, you should disengage from it.