7 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Pet

7 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Pet
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You mustn’t have had the intention to kill your pet. But if you’ve given your pet some of the foods on this list, you have done so much to kill your pet. For instance, from opinions on Collected.Reviews, there are foods that are a common problem to dogs. Especially foods which are high in fats.

There are also toxic foods that could endanger the health of your pet. This is why you must find an online pet food store that offers the best guide to feeding your pet. Of all the food on earth, some are too toxic for your pet. Some of them are:

1.  Xylitol:

This is a sugar based alcohol, although natural, which is considered to be breath mints. However, this can cause liver failure, hypoglycemia, even hepatic necrosis in your dogs and cats. The symptoms this could cause can be rapidly complicated.

2.  Raw Bread Dough:

Your pet can have toxic mechanical issues if he ingests raw bread dough. The bread could cause a bloating stomach. It could lead to severe discomfort in the belly. It can even lead to a distended abdomen, stomach rupture, abdominal pain, etc.

3.  Chocolate Bars:

Don’t think because humans love chocolate, your cat or dog will also love it. When you give your pets chocolate, you could find them having seizures, cardiac abnormalities, vomits, tremors, or restlessness. This is because it is most dangerous, especially dark chocolate, to the health of your pet.

4.  Raisins, Grapes, Sultanas, and Currants:

These are toxic to dogs and cats. Even a small amount of these things can cause heavy health issues. It can cause vomit, anorexia, and acute kidney failure.

5.  Alcohol:

Avoid feeding your pets alcohol. It is toxic for humans, let alone pets. It can cause difficulty in the way they walk, it can also cause urinary incontinence, behavior change, vocalization, blindness, etc. Your pet can even go into a coma with high intake, and in the end, die.

6.  Fatty Table Scraps:

Talk about bacon, talk about food that is high in fat and can result in severe inflammation in the body. Talk about the food you consider common to give to dogs. There are serious medical conditions that could be incurred if you feed your pet with this kind of food. They will need serious medications which will cost you money.

7.  Onions, Garlic, etc.:

All species of allium plants are dangerous to your pet. The vegetables can provoke red blood cell destruction in their body and also lead to anemia. Any garlic with a weight beyond 0.5% is dangerous for a dog that ingests it. Some dogs and cats are very sensitive to onions, and this means their reaction to them could be unprecedented and dangerous as a result. This is why you must be conscious of what you feed your pet. If you keep garlic in your fridge, find a good lock to it.

You should also avoid feeding your pets with bones. Avoid rib bones or chicken bones which will irritate their stomach. Through these, you’ll keep your pet safe.