How Bunny Rabbits are Misunderstood as Family Pets

How Bunny Rabbits are Misunderstood as Family Pets
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You may well already be familiar with the incredible presence a pair of happy and binkying bunny rabbits has in your home, and are fully aware of the importance of taking good care of them, and how much love you will receive in return. 

However, if you are the owner of a couple of rabbits and think they are nothing more than fluffy bundles of fur stuck in a cage all day, or you are looking to introduce a new pet into your family home and want to know more, then you have arrived at the right place.

Continue reading to learn how bunny rabbits are entirely misunderstood as family pets. 

Rabbits’ Teeth Never Stop Growing

Rabbits’ teeth are constantly growing, and because of this, it is imperative to provide enough toys and chewable objects for your rabbits to gnaw on to naturally file their teeth down. 

People who do not understand this tend to berate and scold their bunnies for chewing on items of furniture and other non-rabbit-friendly objects and do not realize that, if they are given enough toys of their own, they will stop being so ‘naughty’. 

Rabbits are Technically Exotic Pets

Even though when you imagine the connotations of the word ‘exotic’, you think of unusual animals with brightly colored feathers or animals on the edge of extinction, technically and certainly to reputable vets, such as katy vet clinic, rabbits are known as exotic pets.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but it is predominantly because bunny rabbits are unable to vomit and, therefore, every single thing that they consume, be that food or indeed cardboard, door frame or blanket, needs to be dissolved and processed by their stomach and intestine. 

Rabbits Get Lonely & Depressed

One of the most heartbreaking ways in which bunny rabbits are criminally understood by many is that, essentially, a solo rabbit is a lonely and depressed one. 

There are exceptions, as always, to this rule, predominantly surrounding those bunnies who have already been bonded to a partner and refuse to bond again (rabbits often mate for life). In these cases, a human companion who spends hours a day with them is the best substitute for their deceased bunny mate. 

Furthermore, bunny rabbits who are kept in small hutches devoid of exercise and emotional stimulation will become depressed and certainly not live very long at all, essentially dying of depression. 

Rabbits Can Hear & Smell Everything

You may well have previously wondered why your bunny rabbit jumps at the slightest sound, yet are sometimes unable to see a treat when it is right in front of its wiggling nose.This is because, where their sight is not particularly sharp (especially in long distances), bunny rabbit’s sense of smell is incredibly powerful and what is more, their hearing is so impressive that they can hear a range of 360 to 42,000 hertz, whereas humans can only her 64 to 23,000. Impressive.