5 Ways You Can Stop Bad Behaviours in Dog

5 Ways You Can Stop Bad Behaviours in Dog
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Dogs, just like kids are loved and adored by their guardians but certain bad behaviours are not behaviours that you want to fall in love with. I mean, every dog owner would want their dogs to behave primp and proper. 

Whether it is a puppy or a grown dog, there is a high chance that this dog will produce bad behaviours that you wouldn’t like to associate with at some point. Some of these annoying attitudes could be chewing on shoes, jumping on people, barking at people unnecessarily, being disobedient, etc. You may have dogs that you would have tried your best to dissuade from these bad behaviours, but it seems like the harder you try, the more they engage in these bad behaviours.

But, learning to control your dog and teach it good manners is important in making out of it a good dog. Mind you, it is not every time your dog exhibits these characters that it is referred to as bad behaviour. It can only be referred to as bad behaviour if the attitude has become consistent over time. BritainReviews have information on this and many more.

Either way, we have got good news for you. In this article, we will be addressing 5 ways you can stop bad behaviours in your dogs.

1.  Know your dog

One of the first steps to take in ensuring that you control your dog’s bad behaviour is knowing your dog. Knowing your dog accords you with the opportunity of understanding the behaviour your dog is putting up and the reasons it is doing so.

In some cases, it could be that your dog isn’t getting enough attention and so, it results in jumping on your body and that of your visitors. Other times, stress or environmental changes, or change in feed, could be the cause of this bad behaviour. Ensure that you know your dog. To ensure that your dog gets the right tools to eat well, you can check out the pet food container stores reviews.

2.  Be calm

Most importantly, you should always remember to stay calm when your dog is behaving badly. This is because if you try to shout or respond when you’re upset, your dog might interpret it wrongly.

3.  Training

Giving your dog training is key. Try to teach your dog a new attitude and help it recognize the new command. You could teach your dog to sit and stay calm. If you are introducing training to your dog newly, you could try teaching the dog a new challenge each week.

4.  Reward good behaviour

If your dog behaves well, you could reward its good behaviour by giving it treats and showing it affection to encourage the dog’s good attitude.

5.  Be consistent

When you start teaching your dog to act right, ensure that you stay consistent with what you have been teaching your dog. If you have taught your dog to eat from the table, do not let someone else feed him from the floor. Ensure that you follow through with the training. 

Having a well-behaved dog isn’t a bad idea. You can use the ways enumerated above to stop your dog from behaving badly.