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List of Exotic Pets That You Can Legally Adopt in The USA

List of Exotic Pets That You Can Legally Adopt in The USA
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Leadership is one of the qualities that appeal to people all over the world. Hence, once a person is successful and they do a particular thing, no matter how weird it seems, those who admire them and their success are likely to follow suit. This is part of why many people attempt to do what celebrities do. Michael Jackson, commonly known as the king of pop, is one of the celebrities that have made the idea of owning exotic pets appealing to a huge number of people around the world.

In the USA, there are many exotic animals that it is legal to keep and some of them could be surprising. Some of these animals have continued to remain legal for residents in the USA to have pets even when experts advise against it because some of such animals require special care. If you are interested in keeping exotic animals or any type of animal for that matter as a pet, you can find exotic pet insurance reviews on US-Reviews. You will get to know where you can buy the products and special care needed for your exotic animal in the USA. Here are some exotic animals you can legally own as a pet in the USA.


One of the exotic pets that you can keep in the USA is a pet monkey. They mostly look like tiny humans and could be handling them as a pet could be a handful. You will need to regularly give them attention and care while also having a lifespan of about 40 years. Hence, you would have a pet that you have to change diaper for as well as striving to cope with aggressive behaviors like throwing feces and biting.


If the idea of having a pet bear appeals to you, then you can legally have one in the USA. It has been proven that they can develop affection for those who take care of them. However, they can also snap in such a way that can be deadly to their owners.

Two-toed sloth

This promises to be a high maintenance pet that is used to the tropical and wild habitats that will be difficult for owners to replicate. However, it is legal to own a two-toed sloth in man states in the USA.


Getting a cougar is another option for an individual looking for exotic pets. However, it is also a high-risk pet as it can’t be domesticated. The best you can get is docile and playful. However, the risk of being crushed to death with their powerful jaw will always remain.

Boa constrictor

For those who love reptiles, your boa constrictor, despite its name clearly stating that it could constrict you to death, is believed to be quite gentle if it is well taken care of. All you need to do is simulate a tropical condition and feed it with pre-killed mice and rats monthly or weekly.


In many states in the USA, the porcupine can be legally owned as a pet. You will, however, need skills and patience to handle the spiky animal. The rodent can be trained to some extent and can also develop affection for humans.


The smell of the animal is the major turn-off to having it around your house, let alone having it as a pet. Fortunately, the glands that produce the foul-smelling liquid can be removed at a young age. They are surprisingly playful and legal to own as a pet in many states.

Other exotic pets you can legally own in the USA include Ilama, Kangaroos, Alligator, Tarantulas, Foxes, Tigers, and Anteaters.