Pomeranian Information – 10 Quick Facts

Pomeranian Information – 10 Quick Facts
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You may be familiar with the Pomeranian people – cotton balls that we know and love a lot. However, there is a lot of Pomeranian information that most people don’t know about.

Here are 10 quick facts to build your knowledge base:

1. Pomeranians are very smart, and very conscious. They do not fit into the many “mute dog” stereotypes. They have many personalities, and are not afraid to show it!

2. Because of this, Pomeranian people may find it difficult to train using traditional methods. Positive reinforcement is the most effective technique. If you try to be too strict with your Pom, she will likely rebel and refuse to listen to you.

3. A Pom is a very loyal friend, who is often quite attached to the owner. Interestingly, if the whole family has a Pomeranian, Pom will often choose one family member as her “favorite”. This special person will be the person he “holds” the most, and will generally be more willing to follow this person’s orders.

4. Pomeranians are bread from the larger Spitz dogs, which pull sled through thick snow, hunt deer, and sound an alarm to intruders. That’s right, your little dog has a hard dog gene! Even though he might act tough, this hereditary version obviously won’t be able to bring down a large deer, but hearts are taken into account, right?

5. The tail is long and thick so that it can cover his nose while he sleeps to stay warm, and the snout is longer so that it can warm the cold air before it reaches the lungs.

6. Pom bark (MANY!), However, can be controlled with strict training techniques. When he knows that you are his boss and you will not tolerate any barking, it doesn’t take long for him to improve things. Armed with the right Pomeranian information, you will have a dog that won’t peek unless you allow it.

7. Low blood sugar can kill young Poms. If there is one Pomeranian information that you absorbed from this article, let it be this: Know the signs of low blood sugar in your Pom, and treat it properly. Failure to do so can cause seizures, coma, or even death.

8. These two dogs survived the Titanic when it sank in the early 20th century. They are tougher than you think!

9. One of Mozart’s works, aria, is dedicated to his pet, Pimperl.

10. Pomeranians come in all sizes, from small ones like 3 pounds adults, to 20 pounds or more if you let them get fat! Genetics play a big role in determining how big your possessions will grow fully. Puppies will generally grow to the size of their mother and father, so be sure to ask to “meet parents”.