Shedding Pets – Ways to Reduce the Amount of Pet Hair in Your Home

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If you’re like me, you love your pets but hate the pet hair they leave behind. If left unchecked for any length of time, pet hair can get everywhere in your home. You can find it in every corner of the house, even if you keep your pet restricted to one area. It gets in your bed, on your cloths, in your food, it can even clog you furnace filter.

Today I am going to share with you how I dramatically reduced the amount of pet hair in my house. And let me tell you, with three dogs and two cats living in my house, I really needed to find the fastest and easiest way to cut down on the pet hair.

First give your pet a good bath with a mild soap. You can find inexpensive pet shampoo at any pet store or large grocery chains will have it in the pet department. Depending on the pet, one bath a month is good for most indoor dogs and cats. And yes even a cat should have a bath once in a while.

First off, it really helps if you find at least one day a week where you can spend maybe 15 to 20 minutes with each pet. I try to do this twice a week with each pet on different days. (that’s only because I have so many shedding pets.) Brush them! But I don’t use any old brush. I use what is called a “furminator”. This brush looks more like a steel comb, specially designed to pull out the undercoat. (The undercoat can account for nearly 90% of a pets shedding)

If you can, brush your dog outside and have something nearby to put the fur into. If you use the furminator you will be floored by how much fur and undercoat you will remove. I brushed our short haired beagle and completely filled a plastic grocery bag! I also used the same brush on my two cats and filled another small grocery bag!

Stay on schedule with a good brushing at least once a week and you will cut down on the amount of pet hair and dander in your home by at least 80%.